Design: Tall Beds for Deep Roots

We recently completed a new garden installation in Sherman Oaks, CA, where a homeowner wanted tall raised beds to remind her of her garden in Oregon. Stately, tall beds with…

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Design: Front Yard Veggie Garden

We've been hard at work helping people get rid of their lawns in favor of edible front yard landscapes instead. Our latest garden is located inland where temperatures are high…

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Design: Balcony Garden Joy

Small space gardening is our specialty here at Gardenerd. We like making the most of tiny gardens, and our latest project was no exception. Using pre-fab products, we turned a…

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Services – Garden Design

We love all garden designing, but food garden design is our speciality. Want an organic vegetable garden but don't know where to start?  Let Gardenerd do it for you.  We'll…

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2 for 1 Discounts for Permaculture Design Course This Weekend!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Larry Santoyo of Earthflow Design over the weekend. For those who don’t know, he teaches the renowned Permaculture Design
Course in Los Angeles. The next course starts this weekend and Larry is offering 2 for 1 discounts to anyone who registers and mentions that you heard it from Gardenerd. Here are the

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Drought Tolerant Design and Veggies

While I was co-teaching a workshop up at the Esalen Institute earlier this year, I met Jesse Carmichael and his mom. They were taking the class together and found it to be a bonding experience to learn about gardening together.  When I got home, Jesse called me and asked if I could design a vegetable garden for him. 

Interestingly enough, what started as a simple vegetable garden evolved into a full-fledged drought tolerant front and back yard landscaping project.  Here’s what it looked like before:

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Raised Beds – Part 2 – Design

You may have caught the last edition of Raised Beds Part 1, where we talked about materials for building raised beds.  Now we move on to Part 2 – 

There are an infinite assortment of ideas in the world for raised beds.  I happen to be, much to my husband’s chagrin, severely influenced by formal English gardens with closely trimmed boxwood
hedges and topiaries and espaliered fig trees on the wall.  We have a ranch house, so that kind of formality doesn’t fly in our back yard.  However, I really really wanted something that
made my heart …

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09-22-22 Awesome Equinox

In this issue: September in the GardenPodcast: Black Flora with Teri SpeightGardenerd Tip of the Month: Seed Starting & Fall Planting GuideGardenerd Product of the Month: Garden Variety 1. September…

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