You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Turn Under Cover Crops and Why It’s Worth Doing
Turn under your cover crop for a great garden this spring.

YouTube: How to Turn Under Cover Crops and Why It’s Worth Doing

Our first video of 2024 shows you how we turn under cover crops here at Gardenerd HQ. For small space gardens, a tiller or tractor isn’t in the cards. Christy shows you how we do it by hand, and get a workout in the process.

Grow cover crops in at least one bed over winter, and in spring whatever you plant in that spot will grow like crazy. We strategically plant a cover crop over winter where we plan to plant our tomatoes in spring. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

How To Turn Under Cover Crops and Why It’s Worth Doing

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Our cover crop is climbing the tomato cage. We turn it under in this video


Learn more about cover crops in this video (think of it as Part 1)

Find a great selection of cover crop seeds at Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

The one we use the most is the Premium Soil Builder Mix

Here’s another way to do it (if you have a shredder)

If you have a shredder this process is much easier!

Make a plan to grow a cover crop in one bed in 2024. It’s worth it for the results you’ll see in next year’s garden.

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