Growing Sweet Potatoes

As Autumn sets in, it's time to harvest sweet potatoes. They have spent the last three or four months growing in warm weather, but before frost hits (or as soon…

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YouTube: Potatoes Vs. Sweet Potatoes

I often find myself explaining the difference between potatoes vs. sweet potatoes: their growth habit, when they grow, how to harvest them. It seemed only fitting to do a video about it.

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Sprouting Seed Potatoes

White potatoes get a bum wrap, but they are the most delicious tuber to grow in your own backyard. Not only that, they are easy and fun to grow, especially…

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Ask Gardenerd: Growing Turmeric

An interesting question came in to Ask Gardenerd this week: "My friend and I both live in central South Carolina. Last year we planted turmeric plants in our yards. Now…

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Growing Jerusalem Artichokes

Back in December, we planted a handful of Jerusalem artichokes (a.k.a. sunchokes) that had sprouted in the refrigerator. Having never grown them before, it was an experiment (as is much…

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