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Blue Kuri squash, and Baby Butternut squash are maturing.

Wordless Wednesday: The Summer Lull

There is a point during our long Southern California summers where everything in the garden takes a dive. Tomato plants show signs of disease, squash plants fall victim to powdery mildew, spring lettuces bolt to seed. It’s time for renewal. Here are some shots to help inspire renewal in your garden during this summer lull.

Wordless Wednesday squash
Blue Kuri squash, and Baby Butternut squash are maturing.
Wordless Wednesday Melons
Kajari melons sprout under floating row cover. We plant them next to the drip holes to ensure watering.
Wordless Wednesday kale
Black Magic kale is bred to withstand heat. We planted it under the canopy of a celery plant that’s gone to seed so it has extra protection. Still going strong.
Wordless Wednesday tomato
Barry’s Crazy Cherry is going gangbusters.
Wordless Wednesday rat trap
We’ve caught one rat so far with these new, easy to set traps. Note the half-eaten tomatoes next to the trap. ARG!
Wordless Wednesday Cabbage Moth
Cabbage Moths are out in force. We’re checking under kale leaves daily.
Wordless Wednesday Pomegranate
Our pomegranate tree produced 2 sets of flowers that all dropped before the third flowering set fruit. We’re on our way!

And a short video…
Life is full of successes and failures. Sometimes both at the same time.

The Summer Lull…or Summer Boom?

Wordless Wednesday sunflower
We shot this photo looking straight up at this 10 foot tall sunflower in our neighbor’s plot. Bees are visiting it daily.
Wordless Wednesday plums
Santa Rosa Plums are small but prolific this season.

If you suffer setbacks during this summer lull, don’t let it get you down. Plant more, plant again! Soon we’ll be harvesting those second chances.

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