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Wordless Wednesday: Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air, even though some places still have snow on the ground. There was a nationwide heat trend earlier this week, where folks suffering from frigid temperatures were suddenly shedding their jackets. Spring is just around the corner for most, and for some the garden is in full-tilt production. Here’s some inspiration for the week.

Strawberries Wordless Wednesday
Strawberries in our Greenstalk are ripening. We make a few cents if you use our link. Don’t forget our discount code GSGARDENERD, too!
Sunflowers wordless wednesday
Sunflowers have sprouted in our asparagus patch. Seeds planted right next to the drip line keeps them happy.
tomato sprouts
Our first tomato spouts have popped up under grow lights.
mustard bolting
Tatsoi mustard greens have bolted to seed. The bees are enjoying it.
Minutina seed head
Minutina is going to seed. We’ll try and save the seeds for next year.
Savoy cabbage
Vertus Savoy cabbage is almost ready to pick
lettuce wordless wednesday
Our lettuce patch at the community garden is producing like crazy. Time to plant more seed for an overlapping harvest. Want to see what lettuces we grow? Watch this video.
Hyacinth blooming
Hyacinth blooms in a pot in our test garden, surrounded by poppies and nasturtiums.
puple pod peas
purple pod shelling peas are tasty in meals.
A woodpecker visits Gardenerd HQ every year to inspect the nearby telephone pole.

Spring is in the air. Make plans, prep beds, get planting! We’re almost there.

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