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Malaga radishes grace the garden with our favorite color.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Growth

May rains (an oddity in Los Angeles) have kept the garden happy and cool this month. It’s time to plant while the gettin’s good. Here’s a little inspiration to help you along the way.

Wordless Wednesday: Malaga Radishes
Malaga radishes grace the garden with our favorite color.
Wordless Wednesday Mittens wheat
Mittens inspects our Red Fife wheat from within. She loves to snack on it instead of her cat grass.
Wordless Wednesday Parsnip
Harvesting the last parsnips from winter. Time to make Root Vegetables Stewed in Oil and Butter.
Wordless Wednesday Brad's Atomic Grape
Brad’s Atomic Grape tomatoes are coming along. We recently sprayed plants with stinging nettle tea to help keep fungal diseases at bay.
Wordless Wednesday fuji apple
Fuji apple tree is setting fruit. They’re still tiny but growing.
Wordless Wednesday chamomile
Chamomile is a new addition to our test garden. Its flowers can be used in tea and other medicinal concoctions.
Wordless Wednesday blackberries
Blackberries are ripening. We’ve already picked a few. Because of the cooler weather they are late this year. In previous years we’ve been eating them in March.
Wordless Wednesday broody Mildred
Our hen Mildred has gone broody. We remove her from the nest by hand several times per day to keep her active and try to break this habit. Still no luck after 6 days.
Wordless Wednesday Lima beans
Henderson’s Bush lima beans are starting to flower. They are supposed to be bush varieties, but look more like half-runners. Contemplating a trellis now…
Wordless Wednesday zucchini
Our first zucchini is close to harvest in our community garden plot. Use shears rather than twisting off fruits for a clean harvest.

Enjoy this cooler time and plant some goodies this week. Tuck in cilantro, arugula, lettuces and parsley in places with dappled shade. They will continue to grow into the hot season with protection. Plant tomatoes, squash, beans, corn, melons, and cucumbers. Happy gardening!

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