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This is probably the best photo I've ever taken. Little Miss Sebright graced me with a close up.

Wordless Wednesday: Heirloom Expo 2018

The National Heirloom Expo 2018, put on each year by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, did not disappoint. It continues to fill the well for me every year. Not only are there great speakers, and seed-minded people milling about, there’s eye candy on a drool-factor 5 level. Check out these beautiful images from this year’s Expo.

Heirloom Expo Gourdhenge
The Heirloom Expo is not without humor. Behold Gourdhenge, on display inside the Hall of Flowers.
Heirloom Expo Wild Boar Farms
Wild Boar Farms (Brad Gates) showcases their award winning tomatoes. True eye candy.
Heirloom Expo Giant Pumpkins
You can’t have a fair without a giant pumpkin content. They sit on pallets to be weighed.

Speaking of squash…

Heirloom Expo Yokohama squash
Yokohama squash is posted along with its history. Learn something new year after year.
Heirloom Expo One Too Many
One Too Many (most likely named because it looks like a bloodshot eyeball) is my favorite squash discovery of this year. Did not come home with seeds though…
Heirloom Expo stuffing tomato
Check out these tomatoes perfect for stuffing. So unusual and beautiful.
Heirloom Expo Kids Hall
Next we venture to the Kids Hall where little ones can make projects, learn about pollinators and play with seeds. There were many exhibitions like this one on display.
Heirloom Expo Sebright
This is probably the best photo I’ve ever taken. Little Miss Sebright graced me with a close up in the rare-breeds barn.
Heirloom Expo Chicken gossip
This is a Belgian D’Anver quail. I call her The Gossip. Her friend concurs.
Heirloom Expo Dahlia Show
Some of these Dahlias at the Dahlia Show were as big as your face.
Heirloom Expo Seed Swap
Seed Fever sets in as the Annual seed swap gets underway.
Heirloom Expo labyrinth
Shannon Carr, a vendor selling beautiful African baskets, took this photo of the Labyrinth made of squash and watermelons. Walk the labyrinth. Be one with cucurbits.

Make plans to visit the Heirloom Expo next year. Take a train, plane, or car. Just get there to witness it yourself. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Misti

    Those stuffing tomatoes are amazing! What a fun expo—going on the wish list!

  2. Ollie Oakley

    These are all great pictures and those are some really big pumpkins! I wonder if I’ll ever get my pumpkins to grow as big as those.

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