What’s Growing in Your Garden?

I’ve been getting some feedback from fellow gardenerds lately about what’s growin’ on in their gardens this spring.  I thought I’d post it and invite you to share what’s working or not working in your garden this year as well.

Our garden is really blooming.  My mom
gave Ronnie an upside-down tomato plant for Christmas.  He planted that
about 2 months ago.  One day it all of a sudden exploded.  The plant
grows out the bottom and up around the ‘cage’.  Within a few hours it
had grown almost to the top of that cage.  There are several flowers on
it now and we are waiting for the fruit.  

We also have a ‘right-side-up’ tomato plant, that is blossoming
as well.  2 weeks ago he planted a mixture of seeds:  peas, chili
peppers, squash.  We have strawberry plants, onions, garlic, eggplant,
rosemary, bell peppers.  I wish I could take a picture of the wall of
green that surrounds the balcony.  Then we also have the usual jade,
aloe & spider plants.  The aloe has exploded recently as well.. and
we have used that many-a-time on cuts and sun-burns from that crazy CA
sun.  =)”

So – what’s working in your garden so far this season?  Do tell…

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  1. Carrie Manaugh

    We have 20 different tomatoes this year. We keep trying to cut down, but the many varieties are too tempting. We also have Armenian Cucumber; a French Cantaloupe from seeds brought from France – variety unknown; yellow crookneck, Romanesco zucchini, Trombetta squash, Parsley, Marjoram, Basil, Licorice Basil, Cilantro, Australian Yellow and Buttercrunch lettuce. We are hoping for good weather.

  2. judy egan

    I planted cucumbers. The fungus attacked them, but you gave me the name of the problem, and the medicine so I ordered it. They are setting fruits. I also have chilies, tomatoes (some from seeds), eggplant, and basil. I just ripped up 1/2 my lawn and am ready to put in more vegetables. Any suggestions for right now? I also have 16 herbs,spices,etc. I have Galangal, keffir,rosemary,thyme,sage,basil,dill,cilentro,mint, chocolate mint, oregano,majoren,and I forget what else.
    Oh, and thanks so much for that wonderful composting class. We were doing it all wrong…

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