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New Tools – Christmas in…April

The tell-tale credit card statement reveals that yours truly has been shopping for gardening tools.  It’s spring – can you blame me?

While up north at the San Francisco Garden Show I stumbled upon the Lee Valley Tools booth.  Oh dear, be still my heart. Before I knew it, my hands were wrapped around a Clarington Forge digging fork.  Sturdy, rugged, hand-made, and for those of us who appreciate a good tool when we see one, beautiful.  It was the easiest sale of the day.  It arrived in the mail this week.









Behold the Clarington Forge Digging Fork

I broke my fiberglass digging fork about a month ago trying to uproot the Christmas Lima Bean that had grown all through summer…and winter… last year.  Just the wrong application of pressure and I heard a snap.  Since the digging fork is one of most valuable tools in a gardener’s tool shed, I couldn’t go for long without one.

I vowed that my next purchase would be a hand-made tool of wood and metal – no plastic.  The Clarington Forge Digging Fork fit the bill.

Clarington Forge is a British company that has been making high-quality garden tools since 1780, as evidenced by the label below:










My fiberglass and plastic fork from Home Depot worked fine (except when it broke) but there’s something about having a tool that is hand-made by crafts people who have been doing it for 231 years.  Yes, you’ll pay more for craftsmanship like this, but much like my Felco Pruners, I don’t expect to be buying another one for at least 15 years.  BTW – it has a lifetime warranty.

For what do we use a digging fork?

Loosening soil at the beginning of the season
Working compost into a bed
Turning a compost pile (our main use)
Aerating a compost pile
Double digging a new bed

I’m sure I missed a few things, but you get the idea.













It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already formed a bond with my new digging fork.  Want one?  Visit Lee Valley Tools to see the stunning assortment of options.

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  1. Christy Wilhelmi

    Thanks for sharing!  I’ve never used one of those, but know people who have.  Fun with tools!

  2. Rob

    My favorite tool of the year is the HoeDag… never had a hoe work so hard and I don’t. Really great tool, like your fork it is made in America, made of steel and a strong wooden handle

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