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Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

The Associated Press published an article today about the dramatic increase in home gardens this year.  It seems that as a whole we are facing the challenges of our declining economy with a shovel.  Here in Mar Vista we’re doing our part to cut back on water usage, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, as well as growing our own food. As a result, there seems to be a lot to show for it –  including the upcoming Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase.  On April 26 from 2-6 p.m., homeowners throughout the city will be showing off their Xeriscape, low water, native plant, and vegetable gardens to anyone who wants to see.

Gardenerd has been invited to participate in this great new garden tour.  We’ll be showcasing our newly renovated front landscaping (leaving the vegetable gardens for another year perhaps).  Our California native plants and drought tolerant ground cover will be featured on the tour.  What used to be lawn is now a mini-orchard of 5 fruit trees, herniaria (a walkable, low water ground cover), and lots of bird-attracting plants.  Be sure to check out the other homes on the tour and come by for a visit.

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