Help for Haiti

I’ve been a bit paralyzed by all the different outreach efforts and options to donate to Haiti, and I find it difficult to sort out what’s legit and what’s not.  So because of that, I haven’t felt strongly about one avenue or another for helping the Haitians recover from the disastrous earthquake that has left so many without homes or infrastructure.  Until today.

I’ve been trying to sell my extra REI tent for awhile on Craigslist with no luck.  Now I’m sending it to Haiti.  You can too.  This came to me by way of an environmental activist colleague named Dave Chameides, who is famous for his blog called 365 Days of Trash.  He set out last year to keep everything he consumed for an entire year, throwing nothing away.  He recently went to Haiti to help, first hand, with the relief effort and came back really knowing what they need.

Here’s what he has to say:

Send something.  Do what you can.  Feel really good about it.

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  1. Dave C

    Thanks for the nod and thanks for sending the tent!

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