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Fine Gardening’s Review of the Go Green Expo

Several years ago, when I started getting serious about Gardenerd, I met Billy Goodnick via internet.  Billy is a fellow gardenerd in Santa Barbara with… well, let’s just say a lot of experience in the realm of landscaping and gardening.  He was so supportive of me branching out of my own, and we kept in touch ever since. 

Now, Billy has scored the coolest job writing for Fine Gardening Magazine’s blog.  Get this – Fine Gardening hired him because they saw his Tweets on Twitter and thought he’d be a great contributor.  And so he is.  Here is Billy’s review of the Go Green Expo (which features an interview with yours truly) as he tooled around with Shirley Bovshow, the creator of Eden Makers and the Garden World Report.  Be sure to check it out Billy and Shirley’s sites – both oh-so-entertaining.  Now on to the story:

Stay tuned for some video from Billy’s interview on Garden World Report!

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