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Eco-Fabulous Garden

In December Gardenerd participated in the Eco-Gift Festival.  The founder of Eco-Gift, Tommy Rosen, and his lovely wife Kia asked me to build them the vegetable garden of their dreams.  After some discussion, we decided what that dream should look like and then we began. 


We had a 5 x 22 foot area to work with.  Tommy wanted to use reclaimed wood, so I found some beautiful rough sawn 2x12s that would work perfectly for our purposes.  We created a growing space that is 4 x 22.


We filled it withour special blend of soil amendments and then divided the space into 4-foot areas, using reclaimed concrete for pathways between the growing areas.  This way Tommy will never have to worry about compressing his soil by walking on it – because he won’t be walking on it!

Seeds were planted, and blueberries (in the upper left hand corner) were transplanted.  A couple weeks later, sprouts had come up and the show had begun.


A little over two months later and the garden is in full swing.  Lettuces, greens – (kale, collards and chard) carrots, peas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green onions, marigolds, nasturtiums, mustard greens, sweet peas, parsnips, and other yummy vegetables were going strong.  We just needed trellises…


I found the perfect trellis to complete Tommy’s vision for his comforting food garden.  He wanted something natural and warm.  The final result satisfied both of those requirements and added an interesting vertical element of design as well.

For more information about Tommy’s Eco-Gift Festival, visit 

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