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image courtesy of Piedmont Environmental Alliance.

VOTE This November 3rd

Some people don’t like it when gardening gets political, but the truth is: gardening IS political because food is political. Every time our Farm Bill is revised or renewed, it affects us. If we don’t vote, we don’t have a voice about our food system. Vote this November 3rd.

I started gardening to take back control over my personal food system. But that only goes so far. Agriculture and food production (and food waste) are responsible for 24% of greenhouse gases worldwide. Of the top 30 solutions to reverse climate change offered by Drawdown, 13 involve innovative changes to agriculture, livestock, and land management. In order to implement these changes, we need legislators who will work toward that goal.  

vote for the environment
image courtesy of Piedmont Environmental Alliance.

This is not a drill. Vote this November 3rd. Vote for food security and food sovereignty, vote for action against climate change, vote to reverse desertification, vote to protect our wild spaces. People and planet depend upon it.


Find your polling center near you at

Read up on your ballot measures here.

Bring snacks, something to read, something to drink, and be patient. Election day is going to be long. We won’t know the end result for days or possibly weeks. But never forget that your vote matters. Stay in line. Vote this November 3rd.

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