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Monster Green Onions

Today I spent a good few hours cleaning up the summer garden, in preparation for our upcoming fall growing season.  Sometimes it takes these dedicated hours in the garden to notice things that haven’t quite caught your attention before.  Like the massive green onions growing in the middle of the pumpkin patch that seem to have gotten away from me.

When I say massive, I might be exaggerating, but most people walk by my plot and say, “nice leeks” when they see them.  I guess there’s something about our American mentality of bigger is better that made me leave them so long.  So today, I tried to pull one of them, but they appear to be clustered in a group, so many more came along for the ride.

I brought them home and rinsed them off, and realized that there’s no way to fit these in the refrigerator!  So since their roots were still in tact, I thought I’d try holding them in a vase.  Here they are in a vase awaiting use:

Just for reference, the largest one measures 29 inches long.











I made a pot of miso soup tonight with 2 kinds of miso (yellow and red), tofu, soy sauce and LOTS of green onion.  I have already informed my husband that we’ll be having omelettes with green onions in the morning.

Here’s where you come in:  What is your favorite recipe that uses green onions?  Post it here and help me use these up before we leave for Europe next week!

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