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Rabbit Retribution

Gardens are springing up everywhere – providing snack bars for woodland creatures all over the globe.  Here’s a question that came in last week:

“Dear Gardenerd, I am starting a garden in my back yard.  I would LOVE to
convert my useless front lawn into an edible estate but can’t spend
thousand of dollars on a fence to keep out the wild rabbits.  Do you
have a simpler suggestion to keep the rabbits at bay? Thanks, Caroline”

I can make a few suggestions, but honestly a fence is the best answer.
Rabbits burrow, so any fence you put in needs to go down at least 2 feet to keep
them out.  There are some inexpensive materials that you can make a
fence with, so it won’t cost thousands, just hundreds.  For example:


Not the most attractive solution, but much less expensive than a full-blown fence.  The trick with this fence is that you would need to supplement it somehow to prevent creatures from burrowing under, as I mentioned above.  If you lined the bottom of this fenced area with sheet metal to a depth of 2 feet, and sealed off the bottom edge of the fence material, it could work.

As an alternative, there are products that can be applied at regular intervals to keep critters away.  I posted an article for squirrel combatants awhile back that offers some of the same protection against rabbits.


Or you can try sprinkling this around:













Or use Liquid Fence on a regular basis:











I hope this helps. Keep us posted on what you end up getting.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for rabbit-proofing without a costly fence?  Share it with us here.

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  1. electric dog fencing

    Thanks for providing the solution to keep away rabbits. Will try doing it and post you the results regarding the same.

  2. Anonymous

    A nice blog really every one will enjoy reading this blog thanks for sharing the article……..

  3. Caroline

    I wouldn’t mind using the type of fencing you recommended for our backyard. However, I live in a suburb area in a tract home with CCR’s up the gazoo. None of our neighbors have any sort of fencing. In order for the HOA to approve it, it will cost lots of money.
    I found a yard control that works 15′ radius and repels rabbits. You can check it out at item number 06-0672 for $99.
    I also came across a company (see attached) that sells other sort of repellents. I will have to call them tomorrow to find out their results and guarantee.
    I wonder if there has been any reviews on this product. I would like to use it in lieu of a fence. That is my only solution at this point.
    Let me know your thoughts.

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