Crow Away!

Another great question came in this week:

“Crows! I had to deal with tiny snails which I handpicked daily out of my basil all summer, but I was not ready for crows feasting on my tiny green onion sprouts. Short of leaving my dogs in the front yard (they’d love that), any tips on how to discourage these critters?”

My grandfather used to shoot crows off of the telephone poles when I was a child.  His neighbors didn’t really appreciate it, and I can’t say I recommend it either.  I have a few recommendations for you that are a little more passive, but just as effective:

Strawberry Netting–  I’ve used this netting to keep birds off my citrus trees, and grasshoppers out of my raised beds.  Drape it over your plants, water through it and keep your plants safe.  You can use sticks or tomato cages to prop up the netting like a tent over your beds, if you like.

CDs – Got any old CDs lying around?  Tie them to a string and dangle them from trees in your garden.  If you don’t have nearby trees, hang them from trellises, stakes or tomato cages.  Birds don’t like shiny things and tend to stay away.  I’ve seen many people utilizing old program software out in their gardens.  Recycle!

Windmills – Colorful toy windmills blow in the breeze and keep birds at bay.  You can find these at many toy stores and garden shops.  The movement keeps birds away.

Owls – There are realistic plastic owls that have swivel heads and are relatively effective, as long as you move them around from time to time.  Or similarly to our CD idea, these Reflective Owls offer the same protection.

Hopefully these suggestions will give your green onions the leg up they need to grow big and strong.  Keep us posted on what works in your garden, and thanks for writing in!


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