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Review: GrubTerra Black Soldier Fly Larvae

It’s not sexy to talk about black soldier fly larvae…unless you’re a gardenerd reviewing a new GrubTerra product. This week, we tested a new freeze dried grub snack on our chickens. And oh, yeah. We’re bringing sexy back.

Black soldier fly larvae is one of the most protein-rich, easy to grow (or raise, rather) food sources for chickens. But not everyone wants a bunch of squirming, writhing insects taking up space in their lives. Enter GrubTerra.

GrubTerra Black Soldier Fly Larvae

GrubTerra black soldier fly larvae is a great snack for chickens.

We give our hens an organic layer feed. But we also give them a handful of black oil sunflower seeds and freeze dried grubs every day. It gives them extra protein and calcium for making new feathers while they are molting, and making eggs when they’re not. They love both of these snacks, but grubs are a particular favorite.

Freeze-dried grubs are easy to handle – they’re not messy. We store them in a sealed container next to the sunflower seeds, and we dole them out after we clean out the coop each morning.

And they love them…

Chickens love grubs
Our chickens got very excited when we offered them some grubs.
Chickens eating snacks
They eat them up and cluck all the while

Find GrubTerra black soldier fly larvae (freeze dried – not writhing) here

Learn more about live black soldier flies and how they can help your compost pile here.

GrubTerra’s grubs “are raised on sustainably sourced food waste from local restaurants and supermarkets. They are fed a variety of fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates…With every one pound of larvae sold we are up-cycling 20 pounds of food waste!”

We love business models based on reducing and removing food waste from the landfill. If you do too, then support this company.

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