You are currently viewing Podcast: Moonwater Farm with Kathleen Blakistone

Podcast: Moonwater Farm with Kathleen Blakistone

This week we travel to Compton, CA, where Kathleen Blakistone runs Moonwater Farm. Livestock, a garden, a pond, a food forest, and teaching spaces make up the heart of this urban farm. Kathleen shares her journey of bringing the farm to life amid asphalt and other urban influences in this historically agricultural community. 

Community is the focus of Moonwater Farm’s curriculum, and students return year after year to be part of the farm’s daily life. We chat about the programs that keep kids coming back, and the delights and challenges along the way. 

Kathleen Blakistone
Kathleen Blakistone is the co-founder of Moonwater Farm

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pond nest
Moonwater Farm’s pond is surrounded by re-used tree trunks that now support a climbing rose.


Visit Moonwater Farm’s website and find out more about their programs here

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Kathleen mentioned the inspiration and influence of Christopher Alexander’s book, A Pattern Language

Teaching space
Teaching spaces like this one offer a chance to rest during a busy day at Farm Camp.

Want to see more? Check out our Field Trip to Moonwater Farm a few years ago. We hope you find this podcast inspirational for building your own community. Happy gardening!

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    Hope you enjoy Compton, the Moonwater Farm is absolutely beautiful!

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