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The completed garden will feed the family tasty vegetables year after year.

New Edible Space-Filler Garden

Our latest project came together quickly. The client’s yard had been remodeled a few years back, and the designer left a flat patch of mulch for a future vegetable garden. Enter our space-filler garden.

Galbraith Before space-filler garden
Mulch and a flat space. Perfect for a vegetable garden.

The client has two dogs, so she wanted taller beds to keep the dogs from jumping into the veggie patch. We installed 4 18″ tall raised beds with room for doggies to walk around between them.

Galbraith garden space-filler during
We moved the mulch away, installed irrigation, and leveled the area under existing landscape fabric for the raised beds.

The garden gets a little morning and late-afternoon shade, but full mid-day and early-afternoon sun. Perfect for the heat of Sherman Oaks, CA. where temperatures can reach 100° for weeks at a time during the summer.

After we filled the beds with good-quality soil, we planted crops.

Galbriath tomato bed space-filler garden
Tomatoes flank an obelisk pea trellis, with peppers, eggplant, and basil to keep them company. Calendula will help keep pests away.
Galbraith space-filler garden squash
Next we planted cucumbers, squash, and cantaloupe.

Our shadiest bed was planted with green beans, leeks, green onions, lettuces, spinach, arugula and radishes.

Galbriath space-filler garden lettuce patch
Green beans, lettuces and spinach get the most shade.
Galbraith flower bed
The last bed contains watermelon and a cutting flower garden of poppies, cosmos and other beneficial attractors.

We planted sunflowers from seed along the back (north) edge of the planter and tucked a few nasturtium seeds along the front (south) edge. They may take over, but the client loves nasturtiums so she doesn’t mind.

The final touch was a tiered strawberry planter in the center of all the action.

Galbriath strawberry planter
Three strawberry pots hold 12 plants, both everbearing and June bearing, so the client will have strawberries year-round.

She plans to plant the perimeter of the garden space with low-growing flowering plants at a later date. They will contribute to the welcoming nature of her new space-filler vegetable garden season after season.

Galbraith space-filler garden finished
The completed garden will feed the family tasty vegetables year after year.

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  1. The Nurse Farmer

    Love it! The strawberry planter in the center is a cute idea. Adds a little charm and appeal while making the most of an unused space in the garden!

  2. Joy

    This looks awesome! Where did you buy the pots for the tiered strawberry planter. What are the dimensions of the planters. I would love to make something like that.

    1. Christy

      The pots came from Marina Garden Center in Marina del Rey,CA. They were 24″, 14″ and 8″ in diameter.

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