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Is this a White Peacock? So beautiful.

Field Trip: Butterfly Pavilion

The Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Pavilion is more than a place to see butterflies, it’s a place to learn what to grow so you can attract them to your garden. I spent some time there last week taking in the beauty of the butterfly, and words just can’t express it as well as a photograph.

It’s my first time using the “gallery” feature on this blog post, so forgive any formatting glitches when you try to click on the photos to enlarge. Just click on the link to the next photo below the picture, or use you back button and all will be well.

Inside the pavilion we found other plants like Dill and Lilac Verbena, as well as California Dutchman’s Pipe, all of which support the butterfly lifestyle. We saw Monarchs all over some California Asters.

For a list of other plants that attract butterflies, visit

For more information on the Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Pavilion, visit


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