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Interplanting Corn

You’ve probably heard of the Three Sisters Garden, where you plant corn, beans, and squash together for a symbiotic relationship that takes up less space for all three crops. But interplanting can work with other crops too. This year, we … Continue reading

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Soil Foodweb: It’s a Party In There

This week we are delighted to present another guest blogger, Sheri Powell-Wolff, A.K.A. Compost Teana. Sheri is an Advisor and Master Soil Consultant for Soil Foodweb Oregon and Earth Fortifications in Corvallis,
Oregon.   Her company, Compost TEAna’s Organic Landscapes provides compost tea services and soil biology testing and consultation in
the Los Angeles Area
.   She’s here to gives us the …

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Adventures with City Mulch

Awhile ago, my husband and I decided to put a hold on our backyard design project until the economy levels off.  This of course took place after we had ripped out most of the existing plants and installed drainage and irrigation materials.  So we had a lovely expanse of dirt we were perfectly willing to live with (which many students have seen if you’ve come to a class at the house and test garden). 

Of course, what happens when you have a large expanse of dirt?  You get weeds. 

We needed mulch to cover the dirt.  Lots of …
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