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The new raised beds are still in a little bit of shade, but in the sunniest part of the yard. Surrounded by fruit trees and native plants.

Design: Front Yard Veggie Garden

We've been hard at work helping people get rid of their lawns in favor of edible front yard landscapes instead. Our latest garden is located inland where temperatures are high…

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Updated – New 2012 Spring/Summer Seed Collection

It's time to start thinking about the future, and whether that's the upcoming holiday season or next year's garden, Gardenerd is here to motivate you. What better way to start the ball rolling than a tour through the new 2012 Spring/Summer Seed Collection?

Each year we select our favorite heirloom varieties, or coveted heirlooms that we've been dying to grow. We choose a trusted seed source that takes the Safe Seed Pledge and promotes bio-diversity by offering heirloom and open pollinated varieties that you can grow, save and plant again year after year. ...

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Hey Gardenerd, Fancify My Garden

October was a busy month for garden design, as Southern California gardeners became excited about fall gardening. Our most recent project already had an existing vegetable bed, but the homeowner wanted more space to grow, and less grass to mow. We took it from there.

The existing garden bed was infiltrated with devil's grass, crawling its way up through 18 inches of fecund soil. Crabgrass surrounded two young fruit trees, potentially hampering future growth. The homeowner wanted berries and had an ideal location along a neighboring garage wall.

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