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Sweet Carneros Pink (right) and Napa Rosé tomatoes (left) are coming in strong.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer in Lockdown

It looks like the number of cases of Covid-19 are rising across the country, and we’re grateful for the garden to keep us company this summer. Since here at Gardenerd HQ we’ll be spending summer in lockdown, here is some inspiration to keep that summer garden going strong. Stay home and stay safe, everyone!

Lava Flow tomato
Lava Flow tomato is sweet and beautiful. It keeps things exciting in the kitchen.
lemon cucumber wordless wednesday
Lemon cucumber is a cheerful addition to the Gardenerd Test Garden every year.
Siberian Pink Tiger
Siberian Pink Tiger is a showstopper with it’s purple/blue shoulders and pink/red base.
cilantro seeds
Cilantro seeds are coriander. Save them to grind into the popular spice or re-seed all over the garden for late season cilantro volunteers.
Blue Kuri squash wordless wednesday
Blue Kuri winter squashes are setting fruit and growing strong.
Squash pollen
Squash pollen on a male flower. You can use a paint brush to capture this and transfer it to female flowers for guaranteed pollination.
Dragon fruit climbing
Our Dragon Fruit is grabbing the wall with its tendrils, instead of the trellis we bought. It requires wrangling if you want it to behave. Learn how to plant this guy here.
Stowells evergreen corn
Stowells evergreen corn is reaching for the sky as tassels emerge. Silks are next!
Sweet Carneros Pink Napa Rose
Sweet Carneros Pink (right) and Napa Rosé tomatoes (left) are coming in strong.
Spaghetti squash wordless wednesday
Our first spaghetti squash is shaped more like a Mexican zucchini, but we’re hopeful that it will come true in the end.
strawberries in vertical garden
Strawberries are ripening in our vertical tower. They like it there!
watermelons wordless wednesday
Two different watermelons set grow side by side. Their most likely Blacktail Mountain and White Sugar Lump. Hard to tell at this point.
Opalka tomato wordless wednesday
Opalka paste tomatoes are huge! This one is nearly 5″ long. They will ripen bright red.

Now is a good time to plant more crops as space opens up. If you have room (or a large pot available) plant another tomato or two to keep things interesting though summer. If your summer squash has petered out, plant more!

Stay safe this summer in lockdown, and enjoy the harvest. Tag us in your harvest photos @Gardenerd1 on Instagram and Twitter so we can see what’s growin’ on in your garden!

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