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Harvested Seascape strawberries - an everbearing variety we love.

Wordless Wednesday: Promise, Portent, and Poppies

The spring garden is showing signs of promise, portent, and poppies. There’s so much bursting from the soil, so much potential, it’s hard to contain one’s excitement. But alas, we shall endeavor to capture that excitement in pictures to share and inspire, fellow gardenerds. With alacrity. Enjoy.


Spaghetti squash
Spaghetti squash seedlings are safe under floating row cover. Their seeds are popular with the birds, so we protect them until they sprout. We can remove this now.
Henderson's Bush lima beans
Henderson’s Bush lima beans and Yard long beans (along trellis) have popped up.
Fuji apple setting fruit
Another round of flowers appeared on our Fuji apple tree.
Sweet corn
Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet corn interplanted with arugula and lettuces along the edge of the drip line.

Portent – In a Good Way

Monarch chrysalis
Monarch chrysalis – what’s inside is turning dark. An indicator that it will emerge soon!
Nectarine tree protected
We covered our nectarine tree with bird netting to keep the grasshoppers and critters away from these growing fruits.
volunteer tomatoes
Volunteer tomatoes insult our cultivated varieties with their early arrival of fruit. Naner-naner, they say, as they grow from the compost bin.
Chamomile flowers
The hubby picks fresh chamomile flowers to dry for tea later on.

Poppies (and other flowers)!

Poppies about to open
Comfrey in bloom.

There’s so much coming to life in the garden these days. May you enjoy every sprout (promise), every unexpected surprise (portent), and every reward (poppies) the garden has to offer.

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