The Start of Something Big

Last Sunday was one of the most perfect days this Gardenerd has ever had.  Why, you ask?  Simply put, I transplanted.  I took cuttings (some with roots, some without) from my community garden plot and brought them home to my back yard and transplanted them.  This is the start of something big – an herb garden that is steps away from my kitchen instead of a 10 minute drive.  Here’s what I brought home:

Mexican Sage
Lime Geranium
Munstead Lavender
and another, more edible sage.

A few of the plants need to establish roots, so they are sitting in a vase of water to get a head start until I can locate some rooting hormone. Others were ready to be directly planted.  Still to come are some annuals such as large-leaf basil, thyme and parsley (which is a biennial – it lasts two years before going to seed under ideal conditions).  I usually grow annuals from seed, but in the interest of time and impatience, I may go straight to the nursery this weekend to fill in the spaces.  It’s all so very exciting.

If you are planning an herb garden you may want to check out my favorite seed website for their collections of transplants.

Seeds of Change Seedlings  – Careful, this is a “drool factor 5” web page that contains more than just herbs.  If you haven’t gotten a head start on your tomato seedlings, they offer a terrific variety of organic plants that are ready to go.

Speaking of tomatoes… Is it considered bragging to say that the first sign of red appeared on one of my Stupice tomatoes today?  Let’s just say that I’m nearly hanging over the cage with a knife and fork already.

What’s growin’ on in your garden these days?  Share your spring experiences here.

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  1. Christy Wilhelmi

    I just picked the first Stupice yesterday.  Very exciting.  Most of my other tomato plants still have only flowers.  Stupice has always been an early producer and so prolific!  I include it in my collection every year because I know my impatience will win out over trying something new. 

    Yes, please do keep us posted on how the Moskovich does.  Particularly if it does well in coastal climates.  I’m always looking for good coastal tomatoes. 

    Does anyone else have a favorite tomato that you’d like to share?  Do tell.

  2. Carrie

    Hurray for your Stupice. They are one of our favorites. This year we are trying a Moskovich. It’s got green fruit at the moment, but it just went into the ground a week ago. We are hoping for big things from this early tomato. I’ll let you know how the season goes.

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