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Culver City Garden Show Review

This past Saturday I wandered through the 58th Annual Culver City Garden Show. I had never been there before, and what a fun time it was.  Gardenerds abounded with booths selling plants and plant-related items.  Master Gardeners were present to answer gardening questions.  The California Native Plant Society was on hand to talk about native plants and plant care. But my favorite part, of course, was the vegetable and fruit display. There were contests for the best fruits and most obscure vegetables.  This table below featured outrageous winter squash, easily mistaken for museum sculptures. squashcontest











The tomato table was hard to resist.  There were signs posted down the length of the table to keep people from eating the entries. tomatoes3











There was zucchini and yellow crookneck on display as well.  Of course the real fun was in seeing what someone did with the one that got away: zuccinisharks









The garden show also lent a bit of inspiration with some of the varieties on display.  I’ve seen Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers in catalogs, but only now having seen them in person am I dying to grow them.  They look exactly like miniature watermelons. mexicansourgerkin









Had no idea how small these Mexican Sour Gherkins were No garden show would be complete without flowers, and there were plenty of them.  I’m biased toward veggies of course, but several items caught my attention. Mossfactory












Cute as a button! Carol Upston from Moss Factory featured bonsai plants as well as these little moss balls of joy.  She calls them companion plants for office and home.  I feel at peace just looking at them. Another plant that caught my attention looked like it belonged in the ocean rather than at a garden show: adeniumobesum












Adenium Obesum Elkhorn euphorbiaisn’t something we see everyday.  Despite my aversion to cactus, this one drew me in. Doesn’t it look more like a sea urchin than a garden cactus?  All in all the garden show was a wonderful local experience.  Ribbon winners and raffle winners left happy and loaded with beautiful new plants.  I will certainly be back for more next year. flowersondisplay








Congratulations to the Culver City Garden Club for a job well done.

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