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Thank you, Gardenerds, for being part of our garden community. We love you!

Thankful Tuesday: Grateful for the Garden

It’s Thanksgiving week and the garden is beginning to shift to autopilot. Warm-winter gardening is ON! And with rain in our forecast, we’re grateful for a lot around here.

As we prepare a Thanksgiving feast, here are some of the things we’re grateful for on this Thankful Tuesday (we may have made that up).

salad garden
We’re grateful for the fall salad garden that keeps us eating greens all winter long.
dill sprouts
We’re delighted to see dill sprouting in the fall garden, especially because we forgot we planted it! It loves cool temperatures.
floating row covered brassicas
Double gratitude: for brassicas (our favorite crops) and floating row cover that protects them.
cover crop
Our garden thanks us for planting cover crops every fall for happy soil in spring.
seed potatoes grateful
We’re grateful for Wood Prairie Farm, our favorite seed potato company in Maine.
We’re grateful for flower and herb volunteers that germinate once the weather cools down here. Calendula, Love-in-a-Mist, milkweed, cilantro and parsley will soon blanket this beneficial insectary patch.
navel oranges
We’re grateful for citrus in California. Our oranges are still tart, but sweet enough to eat.
Iceland poppy grateful
Iceland poppies bring cheer as we await fall veggies to grow.
Thankful for you
Thank you, Gardenerds, for being part of our garden community. We love you!

Enjoy this Thankful Tuesday and your Thanksgiving however you celebrate it. With family, friends, or blissfully alone with your garden.

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  1. Nippon

    Keep growing!! You are doing great Job.

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