Re-purposed for the Garden

A fellow Gardenerd wrote in last week to offer a tip on inexpensive alternatives to Floating Row Cover or Garden Fabric.  Here’s what she said:

Suggestion from a friend that I tried and it works: For brassicas and anything that attracts moths/eggs that are not beneficials, cover the plants, especially the younger ones, with bridal veil tulle. It’s so light you don’t need to stake it, the sun and rain penetrate, and you can move it around so easily. It’s < $2/yard at Joanne’s and you can get so many colors if you want a fashion shade… – Loree”

Thanks Loree.  This is great information.  In addition to this thrifty tip, here are some ideas for re-using items you already have in your garden:

Toilet paper rolls – protection from cutworms, compost/worm bin bedding

CDs – So your computer won’t read them anymore, but they’re still bright and shiny.  Hang them in the garden to keep birds away.

Water bottles – Cut them in half and use them as mini greenhouses to protect seeds as they sprout.  Re-use them from year to year.

Pantyhose – use the leg as a sling to hold up heavy fruit on vine crops, like cantaloupe, that are grown vertically

Here is a great website I found with many more ideas:

If you have a homespun idea for reusing household items, share them with us here.

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