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Dale Eblacas (AKA Daletron). Photo courtesy of Leah's Pantry.

Podcast: Kids and Seed Gardening with Dale Eblacas

Our latest podcast features Dale Eblacas, a seed saver, community advocate, and gardening educator. We caught up with him at the Heirloom Expo to discuss his work with kids and seed gardening.

Dale is a grass-roots activist, and we met years ago at the Festival when his seed-based artwork stole the show. In our conversation, he shares his passion with anyone who wants to get their hands in the dirt.

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Dale Eblacas' artwork on display in the kids hall at the Heirloom Expo.
Dale’s artwork made from seeds at the Heirloom Expo in 2023.


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Dale mentioned All Good Things Organic seeds, which is The Plant Good Seed Company in Ojai, CA. Check them out.

Job’s Tears – seeds with a hole in them – the perfect bead!

Epic Seeds is sadly no longer in business. But the non-profit that they were affiliated with is still going. Learn more about The Garden’s Edge here.

If you’ve never been to the Heirloom Expo, make a plan to go this year.

Tree kale – perennial kale is the way to go. Click the link to watch our video on how to propagate it. Then you too can hook it up to sensors and listen to it sing.

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