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Summer Tomatoes at the Santa Cruz Farmers' Market

Field Trip: Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market

It’s harvest time, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the recent Harvest Moon than to feature one of the best farmers’ markets in California. A visit to Santa Cruz led to the discovery of this beautiful experience, where most of the vendors were organic farmers, and the selection was tremendous. Take a gander:

Summer Tomatoes at the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market
Pensi Pasta Company – Gluten and Wheat Free pastas

There were several items for sale that we just don’t have here:

Farmhouse Culture Kraut
Got Kraut?
I want our farmers’ market to carry grains! Massa Organics had a booth in SC.

I would love to be able to buy brown rice and wheat flour at the market. I’d never need to go to the store again! This market had plenty of eye candy to draw in customers.

Edible flowers and baby greens
Beautiful Rattlesnake beans
Jams and fresh produce up for grabs at Swanton Farms
More beautiful beans
Cheerful flowers for a sunny day.

It’s nice to soak in farmers’ market culture around the country. Does your market have grains, kraut or other uncommon items? Share your favorites here.

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