New Toy: Compost Tea Sprayer

Last year after taking Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web intensive, I ran out and purchased a piston-pump sprayer to take my compost tea to the next level. Compost tea…

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Brewing Compost Tea

Last week we got up close and personal with compost, or more specifically the microbes in compost. Now that we've determined that our compost is biologically active and suitable for…

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Compost Tea

If you can garden this fall and winter, take advantage of cooler temperatures to feed your soil with a dose of microbial goodness that compost tea provides.

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Modified Compost Tea

The first day of fall came with an unexpected surprise in Southern California.  A torrential rainstorm hit and dropped almost an inch of rain in less than 20 minutes in some
places.  I had an impulse that I couldn’t resist.  

I drove to my favorite nursery and as I walked from my car to the door, I felt the first drops of rain land on my nose.  Time is of the essence, I thought. 
Quickly I ordered up four bags of Bumper Crop (an organic soil amendment that includes bag guano, chicken manure, worm castings and a bunch of other great things).  One bag for each
raised bed in my community garden plot.  …

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Podcast: Malibu Composting with Randy Ritchie

Our guest this week is Randy Ritchie, co-founder, CEO, & director of Sales & Marketing for Malibu Compost. We talk about true organic gardening methods, how Malibu Compost came to be and much more.

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