Grow BioIntensive Workshop

At the beginning of November I attended the 3-day Grow BioIntensive workshop in Willits, CA.  It blew my mind.  In fact, it took my brain out of my
head, turned it inside out and put it back in.  What is Grow BioIntensive, you ask?  Well, let me attempt to explain it in less than three days:

Grow BioIntensive is a method of gardening/farming that combines French Intensive, which uses
hexagonal plant spacing"2">as well as double-digging ...

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Adventures with City Mulch

Awhile ago, my husband and I decided to put a hold on our backyard design project until the economy levels off.  This of course took place after we had ripped out most of the existing plants and installed drainage and irrigation materials.  So we had a lovely expanse of dirt we were perfectly willing to live with (which many students have seen if you've come to a class at the house and test garden). 

Of course, what happens when you have a large expanse of dirt?  You get weeds. 

We needed mulch to cover the dirt.  Lots of ...

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School Garden has partnered with the Woolly Pocket Company and School Nutrition Plus to create a pilot program for school gardens that not only integrates the garden into the curriculum, but gives the children something to take into the cafeteria too!  Over the last two days we converted an abandoned garden area on the campus of Santa Monica Blvd. Community Charter School into a revitalized growing space that includes a vertical garden!

We started with weeds, old raised beds, tired soil and lots of odds and ends (we even found a shoe).  There was a lemon tree starving for sunlight ...

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White House to Install a Vegetable Garden

Got some exciting news today.  It's official, the White House is going to install a vegetable garden on March 20th, the first day of spring!

For those who have been following the push to get the Obamas to plant a victory garden, has been a major influence in making this happen, along with Alice Waters and many others.  Petitions were signed, letters were sent, and the new administration listened.  Here is the article from the New York Times today:

Obamas Prepare to Plant White House Vegetable Garden


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Television Shoot for Gardenerd

Today was an unusual day.  I got up and put on makeup.  That doesn't happen much these days, since the broccoli doesn't care how I look in the morning.  The reason for the makeup was because in an hour or so, four guys and a camera were going to be staring me in the face.  ABC News: Nightline was coming to shoot a segment on Victory Gardens. 

We started out visiting a garden that belongs to one of my clients.  Tommy Rosen (whose garden was recently featured on the Gardenerd Blog) was in full force.  He ...

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Eco-Gift Festival

There's been a bit of a lapse on blog entries in the past week.  Reason being, I was at the Eco-Gift Festival for 4 days, and the workload leading up to it was tremendous.  Now that it's over, and after a little much-needed rest, blogging can resume as regularly scheduled. 

For those who couldn't attend, here is a little taste of what it was like at the Festival.  First of all, we had a great location - the first booth you saw upon entering the tent.  You couldn't possibly miss our banner, which was wonderfully designed by Lenore ...

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