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What a strange tradition to bring a tree indoors, but I love it!

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Edition

We usually shoot images from the garden for these Wordless Wednesday posts, but this year we’re doing a Holiday Edition to brighten your day with a little holiday cheer. Gardenerd HQ is hosting Christmas dinner this year, but every year we like to bring the outdoors inside to celebrate. Here’s to a happy holiday celebration for you and yours! Happy Solstice, BTW. Our days get longer from here!

bows and bows
We use greenery from the bottom of the Christmas tree to and a stash of pine cones to decorate nooks and crannies. Festive wired ribbon gets reused year after year. We save the pine cones and the rest goes in the compost.
Beeswax candles
We made these beeswax candles from our beehive. They light up the night. It was worth saving wax for 4 years to make these!
Bowl of Holiday cheer
Musical themed ornaments set in a bowl of greenery and mini pine cones.
Hurricane with pinecones
A glass hurricane is filled with pine cones and surrounded by greenery and ribbon. All our holiday decorations fit into the cedar chest at the foot of the bed. The rest gets composted!

Okay, what’s holiday cheer without some garden stuff? Let’s celebrate the Solstice!

Radish harvest
An abundant harvest of spring radishes in a rainbow of colors. We’ll add them to our Gratin of Winter Root Veggies for Christmas day.
It’s always weird to see the artichokes waking back up as we head into winter. But they do!
Bare root fig tree
A bare root – well, potted in coir – fig tree (Panache) waits for a client. ‘Tis the season!
Ginger harvest
We harvested a little ginger to use in tea while nurturing a seasonal cold. Bah-humbug!

Aaaaand, a Couple of Plugs!

Gifts for the gardener
Gifts for the gardenerd, just sayin’.
Pest Control Course
Big plans are in the works over here at Gardenerd HQ. Santa’s Elf (A.K.A. Christy) is working on the support materials for each module of Creating a Healthy Garden online course. Not on the waiting list yet? Join here.

We hope you enjoyed this Holiday Edition of our Wordless Wednesday. Happy Christmas, Merry Solstice and all that good stuff!

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  1. Jo

    Love all of your photos and explanations
    The new upcoming book is so very well written (being the mother, we had a sneak preview). Excited for you

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