New Edible Landscape for a Cottage

Back in November, I got a call from a woman who wanted to turn her front and back yard into an edible landscape. She had seen me on Food For Thought with Claire Thomas, and felt instinctively that Gardenerd was the right hire for the job.

We worked together to come up with ideas: moving existing baby fruit trees to permanent homes in the front yard, adding a vegetable garden and more fruit trees in the backyard. She ...

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Our Landscaping Project – Part 3

In a bit of a diversion away from the usual subject of vegetable gardening, I am pleased to report that our front yard no longer lies barren.  Plants - actual plants now reside in the space that once was a flatland of mud and weeds.  No longer the embarrassment of the neighborhood, we can now hold our heads up high - and even smile - as we approach the front door.

If you've been following the previous segments about this project, you'll remember the exciting plant removal, and pathway and irrigation installation.  (It's really worth comparing ...

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Our Landscaping Project – Part 2

We had a flurry of jackhammers and 3-foot deep trenches in recent weeks.  New plumbing (for proper drainage away from the house) and a sump pump were installed.  We also had irrigation to all the major watering areas installed. 

Here's something very nerdy and exciting: My raised bed garden now has drip irrigation in each of the raised beds, each with a separate zone and the capacity to set different watering times for each bed!  Fancy and possibly unnecessary, but we couldn't resist the chance to experiment with such a personalized watering system.  There is a spigot in each bed, with a ...

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Our Landscaping Project – Part 1

Some of you may know that we bought the house we live in a couple of years ago.  It took almost a year to renovate, and we finally moved in last April.  Now that we've been living in the house for a year - and tackling indoor projects as well as building the raised bed garden, it has come time to give some much needed attention to the outside of the house - namely the front and back yards. 

We have been scheming and planning for awhile now, and interviewing contractors.  We found a great landscape designer who could ...

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