A Chicken and Her Cankles

Just like gardening, where you mostly learn as you grow, chicken keeping is proving to have the same learning curve. Polly the Barred Rock in particular, has kept us on our toes this week.

At first, we thought she might be a 'he', since her legs and feet began to look much thicker than her sisters. It's not entirely uncommon to discover your hen is a rooster if her comb changes color or the legs thicken up (or ...

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Chicken Update: Blanche, You’re a Woman Now

Many readers have asked that we post regular updates about our new chickens, and since Blanche - our Barnevelder - recently reached a milestone, it felt like a good time to send one out. Yes, Blanche started laying, and we were there to witness her first day.

It's not something that you read in books. In fact, it is often not even implied, but what we saw Blanche endure that day was nothing less than a rite of ...

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2012 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

Spring is less than a month away, and that means that garden tours will soon be populating our calendars. Garden tours are a great way to "fill the well", to get ideas for your own garden, re-awaken the dormant gardener that has been sleeping all winter, and even solve problems with your landscaping.

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, on April 21, 2012, is a free tour that features not only amazing gardens, but ...

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