Lightning in a Bottle 2010 – Sustainability, Music, Art, Good Times

Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that might be hard to describe. Some say that it's Burning Man with less dust, while others say that it's enchantment in a perfect blend of music, art, and funky people enjoying the outdoors. My experience of Lightning in a Bottle (back in 2008) was most profound in meeting a collection of forward-thinking people out to save the world with big new ideas.

This year, ...

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Grow BioIntensive Workshop

At the beginning of November I attended the 3-day Grow BioIntensive workshop in Willits, CA.  It blew my mind.  In fact, it took my brain out of my
head, turned it inside out and put it back in.  What is Grow BioIntensive, you ask?  Well, let me attempt to explain it in less than three days:

Grow BioIntensive is a method of gardening/farming that combines French Intensive, which uses
hexagonal plant spacing"2">as well as double-digging ...

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Gardenerd at Green Beacon Foundation – Fall Garden Workshop

Fall is just around the corner and Gardenerd has been invited to give a fall gardening workshop at the Green Beacon Foundation on Saturday, September 26th from 2-4 p.m.  Read the details below:

As a
recognized educational, non-profit organization, The Green Beacon Foundation
was designed to show people the simplicity of sustainability. We
conduct tours the first Saturday of the each month and feature green
processes & products ranging from "old-fashioned" to the latest
in design & technologies.


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