Planting Tomatoes

Tomato plant sales are gearing up all across the country. Whether you visit a TomatoMania event, or a local nursery, it's clear that tomato fever is running rampant. In most warm climates, it's time to put them in the ground (while coastal and cool climate folks try to restrain themselves a little longer). Here are some helpful hints for planting tomatoes whenever you get around to doing it.

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Growing Popcorn

If there's an inherent addition in my family, it's popcorn. Start at the top of the bowl and eat until you hit bottom. That's how it goes. My father went so far as to buy the top of the line popper, special popcorn salt, and yes, even figured out to how keep buttered pop corn fresh until the next morning (hair of the dog).

As part of an effort to grow more compost crops we decided to try ...

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Planting a Nectarine Tree

For those who have been tracking our landscaping project, you might recall there are 5 spaces for fruit trees in the front yard, and only 4 trees.  On Christmas Eve, the final addition arrived via FedEx (upside-down, despite the multiple appearances of "up" arrows all over the box, thank you very much).  Our Fantasia semi-dwarf nectarine arrived virtually safe and sound, with only a couple of broken branches.  Admittedly, I had never planted a bare root fruit tree before. I've killed a couple bare root roses in the past, so ...

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Planting Asparagus Crowns

A gardener up in Nova Scotia writes in this week:

"Greetings from Hirtle Island. I want to plant an asparagus plot this year. Because deer are such a problem I am considering
planting them in a large planter - kind of like a raised bed, though maybe not so raised. (I hope to use an old, rotting boat.) This way I can build a metal wire cage over them. ...

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