A Visit to the Solar Living Institute

Back in my early college years, all I wanted to do was make bread and swing in a hammock all day.  I dove head-first into environmental issues and chose
recycling as my personal passion.  Along with the strong desire to sort trash came an awareness of solar power and all its benefits.  It was then that I discovered Real Goods.

Real Goods had not yet been bought by Gaiam.com when ...

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Where the Recycling Goes

A while back, I met Kathleen Jacecko of Teaching Green, and have since been on her mailing list of newletters filled with ideas for sustainable living.  Last month, she published an entry about a field trip she made to the Materials Recovery Facility - a.k.a. where the recycling goes.  I have always been fascinated with recycling (my first environmental passion after gardening).  I thought the ...

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HR 875 – Organic Consumers Association’s take on it

In an effort to read more into the recent rumor (or 'myth' as the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has put it) about HR 875 and the idea that it would ban organic farming, I found that the OCA website has been either hacked or blocked by every major search engine out there.  It smells of conspiracy, since they are the voice of the people when it comes to organic standards and food safety.  Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I thought it was uncanny that while e-mails are flying around about this bill, the ...

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