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Cabbage, avocado, lemon and salt are all you need for this recipe.

Recipe: Chilean Cabbage with Avocado Slaw

During lock down, recipes with fewer ingredients--like this one for Chilean Cabbage with Avocado Slaw--are most welcome. Four ingredients will score you a delicious, savory way to consume the multitudes of cabbage coming in from the garden in late winter or early spring. 

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Cabbage Muthias

Our ongoing effort to use up the bounty of cabbages harvested this winter continues. This week, try this recipe for cabbage muthias, an Indian spiced dumpling that is sure to please.

The recipe recommends using Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo & Fava Flour, but I didn't have that, so I used straight Garbanzo flour. I suspect that the dumplings would have held together better during the process of making them. The end result held together fine, and tasted ...

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Tasty Cabbage Season

It's time to harvest those cabbages that have been growing over winter. As readers may remember, we planted a newly discovered variety of open pollinated Vertus savoy cabbage from Bountiful Gardens this past fall, and now we're reaping the benefits. It's hard to find an open pollinated or heirloom variety of savoy cabbage, so we were very excited to test this one out.

The results are in, and they ...

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