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Jo Anne Trigo stands among hundreds of seedlings at Two Dog Organic Nursery.

Podcast: Jo Anne Trigo of Two Dog Organic Nursery

Jo Anne Trigo runs the only certified organic nursery in LA County, and if that's not enough, she runs it out of her home. Two Dog Organic Nursery supplies Angelinos with fruit trees, vegetable seedlings, and culinary herbs and edible flowers year-round

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Olive Oil in Ojai

A quick weekend getaway was in order - some place warm and cozy, and filled with joyful memories. Ojai, CA fit the bill. It was the location of our destination wedding five years ago. Laden with orange groves, olive and avocado trees, and lavender fields, Ojai (pronounced Oh-Hi) combines the small town feeling of local farmers with the artist community of hippies. On a weekend with no plans, we found ourselves pretty busy.

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Peach Tree Blues – EM Answers

We got a question in this week from a gardener:

"I have a 2 year old white peach tree, and it has peach leaf curl. Is there any natural way to control this? I've looked in books and on line and I've not found any other way to control it than the chemicals..."

It just so happens that I recently met someone who had a similar problem here in Venice, CA.  What they used to improve the tree's situation without chemicals is something you may have not heard of before.  I'm just starting to really learn more about it, so ...

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