Ask Gardenerd: How to Build a Mini Greenhouse

A fun question came in to Ask Gardenerd this week:

" I have a big south facing back porch. I would love to make a small greenhouse where I could start seeds and, maybe, even let herbs [over]winter. Do you have ideas for making my own greenhouse?"

There are many options, from a mini-greenhouse to the full-fledged, brick and mortar English greenhouse. I used to create my own mini-greenhouses by taking tomato cages, laying them on their sides ...

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Chickens – Part 1: Building the Coop

In an effort to expand our garden ecosystem, we've gone the way of the farmer, adding backyard chickens to our list of on-site resources. This is the story of how we got started. We intend to share the process in hopes of making it easier for others who plan to do the same.

We spent two years researching and being skittish about getting them, while everyone with chickens kept saying, "Just get them!"  2012 rolled around, as did ...

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How to Do a Home Soil Test for Citrus

Growing up, my parents had orange trees and stone fruit trees that I swear were planted in unamended clay soil and were never - ever - fertilized. They thrived. My three citrus trees, on the other hand, which were planted with good drainage, plenty of compost and lots of care, are sad, sad, and more sad. What gives?

Our top New Years' Resolution was to figure out what was wrong with our ...

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