Like a Moth to the Apple

A new question came in to Ask Gardenerd this week:

"Hi, My mom has a very good fuji apple tree, but we lose a lot of apples to worms. Is there a natural, organic, non-Monsanto something that would help deter pests?  Thank you, -Michael"

I'm so glad that you are seeking an alternative method to prevent this problem!  It's so easy to grab a bottle off the shelf and start spraying. Let's see what we can do to get you on the road to apple tree salvation. ...

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Earwigs Don’t Wear Wigs

We get a lot of pest control questions at Ask Gardenerd. Here's one now:

"Hey Christy, Love your blog - thanks for all the great tips and pics!  I live in Culver City and a year ago I turned my whole back yard into a garden with raised beds. I'm loving it but have noticed lately I have TONS of earwigs. I think they're eating all my veggies, and strawberries for that matter. Any tips on getting rid of them?  Everything I read says to put out cardboard so they will congregate ...

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