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Ask Gardenerd: Protecting Blackberries


We got a good one from Ask Gardenerd this week: “Hello, our blackberries are thriving this year, probably because of all the rain we got in SoCal, but I am afraid the birds will get them before us, like they … Continue reading

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Ask Gardenerd: Pruning Blackberries

Prune blackberry canes that have turned brown. Leave green canes in place.

As we look into the corner of the Gardenerd Test Garden, we see the need for blackberry pruning. Someone else in the Gardenerd community did the same thing and asked: “I believe you mentioned it is time to prune blackberries, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caramel Blackberry Goat Milk Ice Cream

The finished product will be delicious and refreshing.

Here’s one for anyone who can’t do cow. We recently discovered a raw goat milk vendor at our local farmers’ market and decided that it was time to experiment with goat milk ice cream. Since blackberries are in season, it … Continue reading

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