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Wordless Wednesday: RAIN!

fall Kale planted wordless wednesday

Los Angeles saw its first real rain yesterday, a bit later than usual, but still in October. It may have lasted for only 20 minutes, but it was enough to wash off the roof for clean rain water collection later … Continue reading

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Ask Gardenerd: Tap Water Concerns

Here’s a question urban gardeners ask themselves at least once while standing next to a garden hose as the smell of chlorine wafts across the yard. George from Wisconsin proposed it this week on Ask Gardenerd (edited for length): “Hi, … Continue reading

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Picking in the Rain

I don’t like being cold and wet.  I’m pretty clear about that.  There is one time, however, when I actually go out of my way to lose all
feeling in my hands and soak myself to the bone – harvesting in the rain. 

There’s nothing quite like the smell of wet soil and ozone mixing together as you tromp through the mud.  Sticking your hands into an overgrowth of leaves to pick plump peas is somehow more
satisfying than when all is dry.  Seeing leaves weighed down with rain, they emit a dark green that only comes to …

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