12-19-08 Winter is Here

In This Issue:

  1. December in the Garden
  2. Eco-gift Festival Review
  3. Product of the Month: 2009 Spring Heirloom Seed Collection
  4. Gardenerd Tip of the Month: Weeding


This weekend marks the beginning of winter.  Even here in Southern California, we’re feeling it.  There’s snow on the mountains, and we were drenched in rain for four days in a row.  We forgot to cover the buckets that were full of freshly harvested compost, and they filled up with rainwater, so we drained that off (don’t ask how, it wasn’t pretty) and are saving that “compost tea” for later use in the garden.

Despite the fact that some Californians are complaining about the cold weather (it has been in the 40s most of this week – which is cold for us), the garden is thriving.  Cover crops are reaching for the sky, water is beading up on the waxy leaves of brassicas, and lettuces are drinking up the morning dew.  Somehow the tomatoes and zucchini are still going from summer, and yet the radishes are almost done (ate one this morning – a spicy little devil).  Soon it will be time to cut down the asparagus and strawberries, and layer some compost over them for the winter.

When next we visit your inbox, it will be a new year. We hope 2008 has been a great growing experience for you and your garden, and we encourage you to grow something green in 2009.  We’re here to help along the way, and we owe our success thus far to you, our fellow gardenerds.  Happy holidays and happy gardening!


Last weekend we participated in the Eco-Gift Festival in Santa Monica, CA.  It was great to see so many people who were interested in growing their own food.  As a result, we have a whole new group of gardenerds to welcome to the Gardenerd Community.   Eco-Gift was an event filled with good cheer, warmth, support, and of course, environmentally friendly everything!  Clothing, jewelry, foods and drinks, sports equipment, natural health services and more.  Gardenerd.com was thrilled to be part of this unique event and we encourage you to check it out next year.  We also must congratulate the winner of our raffle for the Ultimate Garden Bag, Matthew Walters.  Way to go Matthew!


One of the hottest selling items at the Eco-Gift Festival was the 2009 Spring Heirloom Seed Collection.  We actually sold out and had to take pre-orders for the next batch!  We’ve put together our favorite organic heirlooms from Seeds of Change and are offering them at a 25% discount over individual seed packet prices.  They make a great gift for that gardenerd in your life (even if that’s you).

Link: Heirloom Seed Collection


If you live anywhere that’s been getting a lot of rain lately, like Los Angeles, now is the time to do two things: Weed and Mulch.  The ground is softer right after a rain and it makes for easier weed pulling.  You can get more done in less time, and with less back pain.  Besides, if you don’t pull those weeds now, they’ll be knee-high in a couple weeks.  So put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, grab your iPod and gloves, and get pulling.  You can either do it by hand, or use a hula hoe, or a hand-held weed puller.  Either will make the task even easier.

But don’t stop there!  Once you experience the satisfaction of ridding your yard of weeds, throw down a 2-inch layer of mulch to keep those hidden weed seeds from sprouting after the recent rains.  Not only will it keep your yard weed-free until spring, but it makes for easier traversing in a mud-free environment.

BTW – Los Angeles has about a 3 day window before the next storm comes in.  Carpe weedem!

Stay tuned for more gardening tips and tidbits from the Gardenerd.  Happy Winter Gardening!