11-18-07 Finding Thanks

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  1. 1. Finding Thanksgiving
  2. 2. Gardenerd Tip of the Month
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1. Finding Thanks

This is a year of firsts for me, particularly when it comes to the holiday season.  This will be our first Thanksgiving in our new home and, even though we aren’t hosting the holiday here, it truly is a time for me to give thanks.  It has been surprisingly challenging to accept that I now live in a house, after an adult lifetime of apartment dwelling.  It sometimes feels as though I’m living someone else’s charmed life – not even my own charmed life for that matter – and so snuggling in to the idea that this is MY new life has been a little mind boggling to the little voice in my head.

How often do we find ourselves not accepting gifts or good things that come our way?  The offer from a neighbor to help carry the heavy box up the stairs, the gift the triggers the response, “Oh, I can’t accept this” or “you shouldn’t have”, the free hug from the guy on Third Street Promenade are all examples of little gifts that come our way every day which we often refuse.  In an effort to turn the tide of my own acceptance of good things in my life, meaning to acknowledge and welcome them in, I invite you to share this experiment with me this Thanksgiving by accepting the little gifts that come your way.  Give thanks, find things to be thankful for that you might not have accepted before now, and enjoy the bounty of Thanksgiving.

2. GARDENERD TIP OF THE MONTH: Herb infused oils

It’s five weeks before Christmas, which means that if you haven’t started shopping, you might start to feel a wave of panic washing over you.  Fear not, now is the perfect time to start creating gifts from your garden.  Herb-infused oils are a great way to share your love of gardening with your friends who love to cook, or eat for that matter.  There are several ways to make herb-infused oils, including cold and warm infusion methods, but the best one for gift giving involves the good old-fashioned drying of herbs and putting them in sterilized bottles and filling them with oil.  There is one caveat with this method – if your herbs are not completely dry – and I mean absolutely brittle – you will have a science experiment called botulism instead of tasty herb oil.  I should know, I tried it once and wasn’t patient enough to let the herbs dry for a couple of weeks and I found mold growing in my oil a few weeks into my process.  For complete instructions on how to make beautiful gifts for your herb loving friends, click on the link below and scroll down to page 6.



In the spirit of giving thanks, take this opportunity to send your favorite person a note of thanks using our Gardenerd Note Cards.  They are blank inside to allow for your many iterations of love and appreciation.  To top it off, right now (through November 21st) Café Press is having a holiday sale:  Free shipping on any order over $75.  Don’t miss your chance to get all your Gardenerd friends a frock or two.  Enter the code FREESHIP75 when you check out to activate your coupon.

Don’t forget to visit Gardenerd.com for this Week’s Tip of the Week. Stay tuned for more gardening tips and tidbits from the Gardenerd.  Happy Thanksgiving!