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  1. January in the GardenA Fresh New Garden Year
  2. Podcast: Gardening as Therapy with Jon Jackson
  3. Gardenerd Tip of the Month: Check Your Seed Inventory
  4. Gardenerd Product of the Month: Christy’s Books on Sale!

1. January in the Garden – A Fresh New Garden Year

Happy New Year, gardenerds! Each day the sun sets a little later, and the tease of spring lingers over the garden. Will this be the year to plant that special crop you’ve always wanted to grow? I say go for it. Winter is meant as a time of rest. As the garden wakes up, our yearning to grow beckons us back outside. It may not be time yet for you, but there are always seed catalogs to keep the dream alive.

This month in the Test Garden, we’re harvesting lettuces and other salad greens, kale, radishes, green onion tops, oranges and lemons. We’ll be pruning cane berries and fruit trees as soon as we get a minute. It’s time to feed overwintering brassicas, especially cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower, if they are starting to form heads. It’s also a good time to check your seed supply if you haven’t already. Read below for pointers on the process.

In this newsletter, you’ll find our latest podcast about how gardening is therapy. Also, I’ve been editing my new online course, Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden, that will help you plan your seasonal garden with ease. I’m excited to share more details soon. AND – All of my books are on sale this week. Visit our store for 25% off autographed copies of books for the gardenerds in your life. They make great gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s day, or just to show someone you care.

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Rosalind Broccoli
Rosalind Broccoli sets a head.

2. Podcast: Garden as Therapy with Jon Jackson

Jon Jackson sought comfort in farming to heal.

Our latest podcast features a conversation with Jon Jackson of StagVets and Comfort Farms. He shares how farming gives vets a way to heal the hidden wounds of war.

Podcast: Gardening as Therapy with Jon Jackson

3. Gardenerd Tip of the Month – Check Your Seed Inventory

Swiss chard seeds. You only need a few to grow an abundance of greens this spring.

Check Your Seed Inventory

It’s a bummer to head out to the garden, seed packets in hand, only to discover that those packets are mostly empty at planting time. Take a moment to spread out your seed collection (or at least the ones you want to plant in spring) on the table and open each packet. Are there enough seeds to last this season? If not, make a list of seeds to acquire.

Short on cash? Find seeds at your local seed library or Buy Nothing group, or attend a seed swap (heck, organize one in your neighborhood). If you belong to a garden club, go in on a bulk purchase together to save money.

Or visit out trusted resources for our favorite seed companies. All of our favorites take the Safe Seed Pledge, so you can trust these sources.

4. Gardenerd Product of the Month – All Christy’s Books on Sale!

All three printed editions of Christy’s books are on sale this week. Use coupon code NERDLOVE25 for 25% off Gardening for Geeks, Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden, and Garden Variety. It’s our biggest discount ever.

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Stay tuned for more tips and tidbits from Enjoy this fresh new garden year!

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