“Come flip through the colorful gardening guide everyone from the home gardener to balcony grower should consider to purchase.” Bren Haas, Creative Living with Bren Haas

“I could write ten columns on the content of her book which consists of spectacularly sensible advice that demystifies soil improvement, composting, and fertilization.” Joshua Siskin, OC Register.

“Wilhelmi’s best advice and loads of valuable information are distilled into her book, ‘Gardening for Geeks: All the Science You Need for Successful Organic Gardening'” Sacramento News & Review

“I loved Gardening for Geeks’s short and sweet but thorough plunging into the many subtopics and techniques – including controversial ones – by presenting the “simple” version of the science involved and then describing how it actually applies to gardening practices and choices.” Yvonne Savio,

“Gardening for Geeks appeals to me because it is so instructive…If you are just starting out and aren’t quite sure what kind of gardener you are yet, Gardening for Geeks will probably help you figure it out.” Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun

“[The book] lives up to its impressively long title, and is full of fantastically geeky how-tos for all types of gardens that I someday hope to be able to use.” Ames Tribune

“Gardening for Geeks will inform a new gardener on how to prepare, grow and harvest a garden while at the same time perhaps refresh the memory of an experienced gardener on various aspects they may have forgotten about or not known with new technology.” Lavander Cottage Gardening

“If you pick up one gardening book this season, this needs to be it.” Confessions Of An OverWorked Mom

“What I like about Gardening for Geeks is that it deciphers all the math, biology and ecology of gardening using Wilhelmi’s easy, breezy writing style.” Jodi Torpey,

“Gardening for Geeks provides us with the steps and reasons behind building the garden boxes. She also talks about rotating your crops, irrigation and pest control (something I really needed help with last summer).”

“The chapter of the book that details different vegetables is the most helpful I have seen.” Knit & Knosh

“Gardening for Geeks is full of invaluable instructions, tips and tricks to get your garden up and running! From how to prepare your garden beds to what to plant to how to keep the pests away to what to do with the food you harvest. This book has it all.” Stephanie O’Dea

“Gardening For Geeks… is a book I will turn to time and time again. In the future, it will be a book that I will use to draw interest from my grandchildren to the wonders of gardening.”

“Congrats on the uber killer pimped out read.
Really very cool.” -David Rosenstein, Founder

“Gardening for Geeks,an extremely useful and readable guide to some of the issues you might be
ignoring that can really affect the health, beauty and productivity of your garden.” The Alameda Gardener

“If you find that you really love to get your hands in the dirt and put food you grew yourself on the table, then this book sets you on your gardening path.” Anne K Moore, GardenSmart

“Her background as a teacher is obvious from the amount of instructions and information she includes in her book’s 10 well-written chapters.” Triangle Gardener Magazine

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