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“Need a good gardening resource? Check out Gardening for Geeks by Christy Wilhelmi from +Gardenerd . I reviewed it this week and will be coming back to it again and again for #gardening.” Crafty Garden Momma

“Despite its irreverent title, there’s much sense to Christy Wilhelmi’s charming new book, “Gardening for Geeks: DIY Tests, Gadgets and Techniques That Utilize Microbiology, Mathematics and Ecology to Exponentially Maximize the Yield of Your Garden.” Lisa Boone, LA Times

“All in all, I think this is a really nice book for the garden enthusiast to add to their reference material. It is an enjoyable read with tons of useful and helpful info!”
A Hen’s Nest

“Gardening for Geeks helps you build the perfect ecosystem so that you can get the most out of your harvest.” Turning Clock Back

“For those wishing to start out or move beyond amateur status, it’s a must-have to add to your garden library.” Annie’s Gardening Corner

“If I were to be in a position to create a garden I would use this book as my reference bible I think as it contains loads of information, and all
relevant.” Year of the Vegan

“Bright and informative without being preachy, the book includes a huge range of stuff in a relatively small space.”Grow It! Eat it!

“…it makes a worthy addition to any gardening library as a go-to source for the fundamentals of everything from plant placement to making a planting mix to making a solar food dryer.” Coastal Home Magazine